July 16, 2024

Deep Silver: Dim Expectations: No Dead Island 2 and more at E3!

Deep Silver: Dim Expectations: No Dead Island 2 and more at E3!

Koch Media and Deep Silver are holding their own E3 digital show this year, but in the lead up to the event, expectations are now significantly dwindling. In addition to Dead Island 2, you will lose many well-known gaming brands.

Expectations were high when Koch Media and Deep Silver announced their E3 event. After all, the two companies have a number of projects for well-known brands in the works. Basically none of this will be seen at the event.

In the lead up to the show, Deep Silver posted a statement to keep expectations in check. An announcement will be made at the Summer Games Festival’s opening event on June 11, but there won’t be anything from Dead Island 2, for example.

Until now, it was almost assumed that a new Saints Row, a new Metro, or the return of TimeSplitters could be seen, and now it’s clear that these three series also won’t be shown at E3 2021. Let fans know if you have any news to share about it.

At least in terms of TimeSplitters, the move is understandable, after all, after so many years of waiting, the new game was confirmed only a few weeks ago. Especially with regards to Dead Island 2, today’s news is perhaps disappointing. What else will Koch Media and Deep Silver show up at E3?

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