Deca Appenzel. Ehammer earned a Silver EM despite being the last three times.

Sounds nice, but it didn’t work as a discus: Simon Ehammer.

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Simon Immer, the man of the extremists, took the silver on Wednesday night at the Olympic Park in Munich.

Appenzler was on the podium at the European Championships, although he came in the last three times in the decathlon.

In three disciplines, Simon Ehammer’s name appears only at the end, with the exception of athletes who did not achieve a correct result. With 34.92 meters in the discus throw, the 22-year-old earned a modest 562 points – clearly the fewest points of all athletes in a competition at this European decathlon. Only the Swiss have less than 600 points. By the way, the second lowest score also comes from Ehammer, for 4:48.72 minutes over 1500m he got 626 points. The Swiss also finished at the end of the scale in the javelin throw (53.46 m / 640 points).

Such poor grades are as rare in international twenties as Emmer’s escape to the top. Over 110m hurdles and especially with 8.31 in the long jump, he achieved over 1000 and 1100 points respectively. The truth is: no other decathlon player shows such amazing differences in performance. From this point of view, Emer’s statement makes sense: “If I master the throw then I will become dangerous.”

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