DEB Women ahead of the World Cup quarter-finals: Sandra Upstreetre – “It’ll be exciting to see how we can keep up!”

DEB women before the quarter-finals of the World Cup

Status: 12/04/2023 11:46 PM

The German women’s ice hockey team confidently reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Goaltender Sandra Upstreetre knows the upcoming rival of the USA very well – she plays in the USA in the collegiate league. In an interview with the sports program, she talked about reaching the quarter-finals and chances of success against the United States.

Marek Zick

Sports Show: Sandra Upstreetre, what makes you happier that you now have the chance to prove yourself against ice hockey country USA, or that by reaching the quarter-finals you are already clear about staying in the league? This means that German ice hockey girls will be able to compete with the best teams in the world again next year.

Sandra Defender: both of them. Staying in the league was relatively close last year which is why the first task this year was definitely getting to the quarter-finals. But of course it’s also great because now we can play against the ice hockey country USA. We are really looking forward to that.

What kind of feedback have you and other players from Germany received in the past few days? Did you notice there?

The evil: In any case. There is a great deal of posting and reposting on Instagram. I and other players often get personal messages that everyone is behind us. So the comments are all very positive. My family has a group chat, and they are always there and send me all the press articles. So it’s really great that it’s seen so positively in Germany.

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In your opinion, how successful was it to reach the quarter-finals?

The evil: This is very good. The teams here are there for a reason. We saw it against Hungary: it wasn’t an easy game for us and they went down. It’s a real achievement to be in the quarter-finals and now let’s see what comes next.

You are in the DEB team’s crosshairs. I played three matches in the preliminary round and even played one match against zero. How satisfied are you with your performance so far?

The evil: Very very satisfied. I’ve also played a lot in my team this season, which of course helps with the preparation. I also get positive feedback from the trainers. I am somewhat critical of myself, but overall, so far things have gone very well.

What awaits you in the quarter-finals with the United States?

The evil: We have to expect a lot of shots and a lot of good passes. They are all very, very fast. I play against some of them in the American College League. In the US, you have a huge pool of players. This means the best of the best play out there. It will be interesting to see how we can keep up.

The United States has already won the Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship nine times. Since you know the players so well, what is your personal match plan?

The evil: We have to get everything we can towards the goal. Once you get a shot, just shoot. And then, of course, block as many shots as possible. I try not to give up on rebounds and then maybe they get frustrated at some point. And if we throw everything at the goal, something happens.

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The USA is also a role model in women’s ice hockey in terms of structures. There is a debate in Germany about how to ensure a professional future for the sport here. What do you think should happen there?

The evil: The most important thing, of course, is the work of young people. Little girls can practice and play a lot together. And of course it is also good when the Bundesliga teams get the support of the men’s teams. Because youth work is, of course, a matter of money.

In addition to your career as a sports soldier, is your path — that is, going to an American college — a good way to play ice hockey with ambition?

The evil: In any case. We now also have some on the team who play in the United States. They put a lot of money into the sport as well as into ice hockey. For me it was the perfect training. This enabled me to practice my sport almost professionally.

If I now beat the USA with the national team, will the interest also bring something to the structures here in Germany?

The evil: That would definitely be a sensation. That would be really good. The entire ice hockey world will definitely notice this. And I think everyone who doesn’t watch hockey does that.

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