David Deggin on a million holes in Basel

It’s been four weeks since David Degen, 38, was allowed to call himself the owner of FCB. Now the new strongman has given an interview to the Basler Zeitung. And break up the shock amount. 28 million! This is how great the structural deficit is. “The last time I was very generous with money. FCB is nowhere near as good as many think.” In order to reduce the structural deficit, Basel residents need income from player transfers, and qualification for the group stage of the Conference League would also be important. To that, there are A-fonds-perdu contributions and – basic – season tickets.” Our goal is to sell 20,000 subscriptions, and that will be extremely important to us. And a sign of departure. If we lose another 10 or 15 percent, the tree will really burn,” Deggin paints a terrifying scenario.

No new head of sports

Posted: 10/06/2021, 58 minutes ago

Last update: June 10, 2021, 51 minutes ago

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