May 18, 2024

Danger of ISIS attack at Kabul airport 'grave' - Johnson announces Tuesday's special G7 summit

Danger of ISIS attack at Kabul airport ‘grave’ – Johnson announces Tuesday’s special G7 summit

Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Barbock has spoken for a commission of inquiry into the Afghanistan disaster. This matter should be dealt with, the party leader said in the ARD summer interview in a paragraph in which he talked about the chaotic conditions surrounding the evacuation of foreign citizens and local employees of foreign forces and organizations. The committee must come no matter who heads the next federal government.

On the other hand, the leader of the green parliamentary group, Catherine Goering-Eckhardt, is cautious On the demands of other opposition parties. “It is a matter of the day now that we use all our energy to evacuate the most vulnerable people from Afghanistan,” says Göring Eckhardt in the running Funke Mediengruppe newspapers and a good part of the chaos now prevailing.

Previously it was too FDP and the left party a The Afghan Commission of Inquiry called for. The leader of the parliamentary group, Dietmar Bartsch, the head of the left parliamentary group, Dietmar Barch, said that the federal government had acted hesitantly and uncoordinated, in the newspapers of the Funk Media Group. A commission of inquiry will be needed in the next Bundestag. It is clear that responsible ministers are no longer allowed to hold any government position. All foreign missions of the Bundeswehr must be tested.”

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