June 23, 2024

Daimler Buses: aggregation of development and production areas

Daimler Buses: aggregation of development and production areas

Gustav Tuschen, head of development at Daimler Buses since 2013, will retire at the end of March after more than 30 years with Daimler Group. For this reason, the development and production of business areas are grouped. On April 1, the former head of production, Michael Klein, took over general management.

As CFO of EvoBus Ltd. Michael Klein started his Daimler career in 2003 in Coventry, Great Britain. In 2007, Klein took over sales management across divisions at Daimler in Stuttgart and returned to Daimler Buses in 2008. For several years, Michael Klein was responsible for sales control at EvoBus, including the CSP and subsidiaries businesses. In 2012, as Head of Customer Service and Parts (CSP), he took over the management of the aftermarket business for Daimler Buses. Since August 1, 2020, Michael Klein has headed the production division of Daimler Buses.

Till Oberorder, Head of Daimler Buses: “We would like to thank Gustav Tuschen for his good cooperation and outstanding commitment, as he showed great perseverance in implementing new technologies with a high level of personal commitment.”

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