Cycling: Former superstar Lance Armstrong turns 50

What memories do you have of Lance Armstrong? Maybe it’s the seven Tour de France victories (1999-2005) that are on your mind. You might think about the cancer that almost killed him. Or it was the legendary interview with talk show star Oprah Winfrey in 2013 that commented — at the time, Armstrong admitted he had been doping and lying systematically for years. “Armstrong deserves to be forgotten,” UCI President Pat McQuaid said shortly afterwards.

Armstrong’s most important accomplishments have long been omitted from the history books. But did you forget it? No, this is not possible. He shaped the sport too much. It shocked the world so much. He was very controlling and determined on the bike, but was also very hypocritical and unscrupulous by her side. Armstrong turns 50 today, Saturday. There aren’t many who say Merry Christmas anymore — especially in the cycling scene.

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