‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is full of bugs and a rogue rod

You can determine a character’s genitals while creating their appearance, and there are multiple penis options. It’s a shameful fashion in Night City that isn’t quite as powerful as the vast character customization tool, as many players have noted that their version of V allows it to comment for free. ribbed I collected many wonderful / terrible examples of the bug. Here is only a couple:

When you trade goods with someone in the game, there is an option to unload a bunch of useless items that you’ve picked up all at once. The “Sell Garbage” button now takes on a completely different meaning.

CD Projekt Red is delayed Cyberpunk 2077 Several times than The initial release date is April 16 To fix and refine the game. However, the critics Faced a lot Bugs. even after Today’s update 0In, players encounter a host of problems. They include frequent accidents, Framerate is slowAnd the Problems with copyrighted music And others Strangeness in textures and things.

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Many PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players own it Reported severe performance issues. As with Red Reading Retrieval 2 (At least when this game appeared), Cyberpunk 2077 He has problems With HDR settings On some platforms. It’s safe to say that though there has been news of their employees working six days in advance of weeks Cyberpunk 2077‘s Release date, CDPR has not stopped landing.

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