April 25, 2024

Cyberpunk 2077 developer says frustrated players can request a refund

Cyberpunk 2077 Developer CD Projekt Red acknowledged the game’s performance issues on its last generation base consoles, and apologized for not showing the game running on the original PS4 and Xbox One prior to its release. “We should have paid more attention to getting it to play better on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” she said at A. Post a notification on Twitter. The developer said he hopes to fix “the most prominent problems” with a series of corrections that will be released in the coming months, but added that anyone who does not want to wait will be able to return their version of the game.

The statement follows many outlets on how The game works poorly on old devices. Players reported choppy frame rates, weird physics, pop-up textures, and screen tearing. Her performance quickly became an Internet meme, ribbed Reports And video clips and screenshots of the cases were It spreads on Twitter.

CD Projekt Red gave the PC version of the game to most reviewers, and it didn’t seem to provide the console versions of the game, which means that these performance issues only got widespread attention after the game’s release. In a call with investors last month, CD Projekt Red’s co-CEO Adam Kaczynski said the game is working.Surprisingly well“On the basic hardware of the last generation. We Browse the game on the computerAnd, while we found it to be buggy, we haven’t seen any of the more serious issues reported by players on the base of the PS4 and Xbox One. CD Projekt Red has apologized for not showing the game on its latest generation base consoles prior to its release, “thus, not allowing you to make a more informed purchase decision.”

The developer promises that a batch of fixes is coming to fix the performance issues, starting with another round of updates that will be released in the next seven days. In January and February, CD Projekt Red plans to release a pair of big patches that say “should fix the most significant issues players face on last-generation consoles.” However, he warns that they “will not make the last-generation game appear to run on a high-spec computer or next-generation console, but it will be closer to the experience than it is now.”

It says the PC version of the game will also receive regular updates and fixes. There is also a The console version has been upgraded from the next generation of the game On the way, though, there is no information on when exactly that will arrive.

Although repairs are on the way, the developer says players are free to ask for a refund if they don’t want to wait. Digital purchases can be returned via Sony and Microsoft’s refund systems (IGN Notes Several buyers have already reported successfully claiming a refund via these methods, which is usually not possible in such cases), and says players should try to return the prepacked versions of the game to wherever they bought it. I created a custom email address for players to contact within the next week if they have trouble re-copying them.