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The Swiss maiden lost the semi-final match to Canada 5:7 and are now fighting for the bronze medal.

The Swiss curlers have to wait for their first participation in the world championship final since 2003. In the semi-finals, the team with Skip Yannick Schwaler, Benoit Schwarz, Sven Michel and Pablo Lachat lost to host Canada to overtake Brad Gucio 5:6.

The decision was not made in favor of the Canadians until the tenth end. The Canadians, who had the last stone and therefore had the advantage, were home with several stones before Benoit Schwartz’s last attempt. So the Swiss were forced to put a stone in the middle of the house in order to avoid imminent defeat. However, this did not work: the stone fell from the black board for too long, and the Canadian victory was sealed.

The two teams held each other for a long time. After 6 ends, in which Canada and Switzerland alternately wrote a stone, the Canadians managed to write 2 stones in the seventh end for the first time. Gushue and Co advanced 5:3 at one point.

The Swiss had a ready reaction. Thanks to a successful “hit and roll” – Black played on his stone on the last attempt in such a way that it swerved to the middle and was “shot” – Switzerland wrote a two-out home run later and tied it.

Now Italy is waiting

For Switzerland, the match for third place is now against Italy, which lost only 8: 9 in the other semi-final against Scotland in the extra end. The same opponent inflicted Schaller & Co.’s only round-robin defeat.

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