June 14, 2024

Culture News in Brief – Homeless people must make room – because of Taylor Swift – culture

Cultural news in short form – Homeless people must make room – because of Taylor Swift – Culture – SRF

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Topics in this newsfeed

  • Hotel rooms for Swifties instead of homeless people
  • An attic find brings in a surprisingly record amount
  • A follow-up to Marion Marichal’s anti-trans statement
  • Academy Award winner Albert Ruddy has died at the age of 94
  • Wu-Tang Clan: Their 2 millionth album will be listened to soon
  • A lost Caravaggio painting is on display in Madrid
  • Barbara Stauffacher Solomon dies at age 95
  • Kunsthaus Zurich: Lost photos have resurfaced
  • Swiss trio at the reading competition in Klagenfurt
  • Jenny Erpenbeck wins the Booker Prize, the first German woman to win this award
  • The University of Liverpool organizes a conference on Taylor Swift
  • Zurich Kunsthaus is experiencing financial difficulties
  • Trump “not amused” by the movie “The Apprentice”

SRF Radio 2 Culture Cultural News May 30, 2024 at 5:30 pm

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