July 15, 2024

Crystal Lagoons’ PAL projects have been dubbed the ‘Champion of Champions’.

Crystal Lagoons’ PAL projects have been dubbed the ‘Champion of Champions’.

Crystal Lagoon

Miami, April 20 / PRNewswire /

The Public Pools– Projects that Crystal Lagoons Created around the world 14 million tons of CO2 emissions Reduce what Carbon footprint 40% Similar to the tourism and transportation sector. Through its contribution to promoting carbon neutrality in various economic and social activities, it led to what became known as PAL ™ developments. “Green World Awards” 2022 In Abu Dhabi As “Champions Champion” Given .

The multinational water discovery company was a success Both of the carbon reduction type are priced As well as the The highest award These UK Sustainability Awards and Competed with the winners Climate change, water and energy efficiency, innovation and more Against The More than 500 inputs Through which the system was acquired.

PAL™ projects are revolutionizing cities by bringing in beach life with turquoise water and white sand. Number of car trips and flights to coastal destinations And natural beaches around the world 35 million tons About CO2 per year 50% To reduce.

With “Green World Awards” The most contributing countries, organizations and institutions Environmental protection Contribute and be confident British ecosystemsSupported.

PAL ™ Improvements were selected for their eco-friendly concept and the award was presented in Abu Dhabi. Of “Champions Champion”This award is not the first recognition given to PAL projects. The model previously won the Green Apple Award at Westminster Palace in London.

The decisive factor for the appointment is the pioneering nature of these facilities with white sand beaches and large crystal pools suitable for swimming and water sports surrounded by various infrastructures of services and recreation. Bring beach life to the cities .

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PAL ™ developments reduce travel and Save the carbon track That equates to the annual energy consumption of 2.3 billion households because they help people Beach on footBy bike, public transport or short car trips To achieve.

Crystal Lagoons already exist 810 PAL ™ Developments At different stages of development around the world. The most notable deals are: United States (5 PAL projects in Orlando and 4 in Atlanta) Korea (30 PAL projects), Pakistan (15 PAL ™ campuses), Colombia (13 PAL ™ projects) and Central America (11 PAL ™ developments).

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