July 15, 2024

Cruise: Captain will not allow 80-year-olds to board

Cruise: Captain will not allow 80-year-olds to board

Standing with a packed suitcase and looking forward to the break Sea tripVacationers in the port of Kiel.

Shortly before she was supposed to get on board, she was shocked. Her long-awaited dream Sea trip It exploded at the last second.

For the family, the cruise becomes a nightmare even before the start

A family from Saxony wanted to celebrate their grandmother’s 80th birthday on the high seas. They happily made their way back to their starting point in Kiel.

According to “Bild”, the family of three must go to Norway and Iceland for several days. The UK was also on the way. It should be a killer for tourists.

After all, other rules have been applied to EU citizens since Brexit. To enter the region, an ID card is not enough, instead a passport is required. None of the vacationers knew this. Even the tour operator did not warn the family about Saxony in advance.

Vacationers on cruises were in great shock even before the cruise. (Icon picture) picture: IMAGO / Yukun Tak

Shortly before the flight was supposed to begin, the worst nightmare became a reality for those affected. The captain did not allow them to board the plane because valid documents were missing. Instead, frustrated family members were forced to return home.

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The tour operator is not aware of any guilt

subordinate “picture” According to the travel provider is not aware of any culpability. “One sees oneself only as the moderator of the journey, the organizer,” she says. However, a solution is being sought for those affected. (nb)

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