July 12, 2024

Crossing on the ice – a successful start in 2022 for Pia Zerkhold

Crossing on the ice – a successful start in 2022 for Pia Zerkhold

For Pia Zerkhold, things should still be promising after the Christmas holidays, as they are currently in a very strong shape. With the two-day competition in Krasnoyarsk in southern Siberia, Erlauftaler must take another important step closer to highlighting the season.

On the first day of the competition, everything was judged for all the athletes at a temperature of less than 15 degrees with the brightness of the sun. On the first day of racing, she must take Pia Zircold before she is allowed onto the track. After a dim start to the wagon on the ice, she was no longer able to catch up with subsequent daily winners Charlotte Banks and Lindsey Jacobless. Thus, the competition day ended with twelfth place in the quarter-finals.

Zircold: “I am very satisfied with the performances.”

With similar circumstances the next day, the quarter-finals ended again, but she was better in the qualifiers and finished ninth. After five races of the season, the Shepserin finished four times in 15th place. “I am very satisfied with my performance in Russia. Being eliminated in a competition with two world champions,” Zirkold said.

While there is now a short break for snowboarders, ÖSV crossers have to test their skills with Johannes Ojeske in Nakiska, Canada. There is still a lot at stake for Göstlinger, because Olympic tickets are also highly competitive among cross-country skiers. “I will do everything in my power on my two race days to fulfill my dream of being in the Olympics,” said Johannes Ojeske, full of anticipation, regarding the competitions in Canada.

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