July 12, 2024

Criticism of the Qatar World Cup in Great Britain – sports washing with Beckham and Robbie Williams

Criticism of the Qatar World Cup in Great Britain – sports washing with Beckham and Robbie Williams

Qatar Public Relations Tour – David Beckham in Doha (Doha Forum / AMMAR ABD RABBO)

In Great Britain, criticism of the World Cup in Qatar is pouring in from different directions. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is furious that the Premier League season has been interrupted by the Winter World Cup. This wasn’t a problem until three weeks before the World Cup. The exhausted players could have hurt themselves now, and that was a disaster, but he couldn’t change it.

The World Cup Qatar as a political issue – also in Great Britain

According to polls, six out of ten Britons criticize the World Cup in Qatar for human rights abuses regarding penalties for homosexuality and labor slavery. It is debatable whether this is the case, and if so, which politicians should travel to the Games. Secretary of State James Cleverly got himself in trouble when he urged gay World Cup visitors to respect the host country’s culture – and in doing so set out to advocate for discrimination. Wives and girlfriends of the players were instructed to dress appropriately and not to drink alcohol in public.

The statement of Qatar’s ambassador to the World Cup, Khaled Salman, that homosexuality is mental harm, which was presented by the German ZDF Foundation in a documentary, was widely discussed in the British media in recent days.

Helen Hardy, founder of non-binary football club Manchester Lyces, reacted soberly. This is very insulting, but it again illustrates Qatar’s position in terms of LGBT rights.

Icons like David Beckham, Gary Neville and Robbie Williams are in criticism

Celebrities who participate in the World Cup in Qatar or who work there as commentators in Great Britain are also criticized. Gay pop star Robbie Williams has been caught up in a shirt storm of fans after it was announced that he will perform at the World Cup. Ex-international David Beckham is said to have earned £150m to announce the face of starring in delightful little films.

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Former Manchester star Gary Neville has hired himself as an expert on Qatari state broadcaster beIN SPORTS. Neville was criticized on a BBC quiz show and tried to defend himself: “Either shut up and stay at home. Or tackle issues right away and that’s my motto.”

Captains Kane and Bill holding the “One Love” badge

The satirist Ian Hislop responded that he could also address human rights abuses from England and did not have to accept money from the Qataris to do so. Finally, Hislop scoffed at what a crucial match report might look like: “The soccer World Cup has begun in this awful country… – Oh, someone kicks the ball. The number of migrant workers killed is staggering… – Oh, there’s a goal that has fallen” .

England and Wales national team captains Harry Kane and Gareth Bale, like the captains of other European teams, also want to appear with ‘One Love’ badges demanding tolerance with rainbow hearts – if a FIFA ban is in doubt. Critics talk about backbiting and sports washing.