October 5, 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo: Teammates are disgusted with the requests for the list

Cristiano Ronaldo: Teammates are disgusted with the requests for the list

At Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo also influences the team’s chefs. But not all desires—especially those of an octopus—are well received.

The basics in brief

  • The team’s chefs take Cristiano Ronaldo’s menu requests into consideration.
  • That’s why there are more eggs and avocados in Manchester United’s menu.
  • Teammates especially hate the octopus.

He is It was the transfer of the king from Manchester United. And Cristiano Ronaldo really hit: he played four games And hit four times. But not all of his teammates are too happy about the new addition – due to its impact on the kitchen!

So the star must also have a huge impact on the association’s chefs. As an insider put it on “The Sun”, she is now Lots of eggs and avocados on the list. On Ronaldo’s orders. This should not please everyone.

They are said to be almost disgusted with another craving: the octopus. The Portuguese is said to have wished it too, because he loves it. “But most of his teammates don’t make friends with her,” said the insider, “even though she works for Ronaldo.”

The star also influences what his colleagues choose. “You can usually treat yourself to something on Friday at the hotel,” Eraset goalkeeper Lee Grant told TALKSPORT recently. There are puddings, brownies or other sweets, but since Ronaldo has been there, no one is eating anymore. They were all sitting quietly watching what the 36-year-old was eating.

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