June 19, 2024

Crisis in Eastern Europe - Biden warns Putin against invading Ukraine

Crisis in Eastern Europe – Biden warns Putin against invading Ukraine

  • US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone on Saturday.
  • According to information from American circles, there was no significant rough estimate.
  • A US government spokesman said the two leaders had agreed that their teams would stay in touch.

US President Joe Biden has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin not to invade Ukraine. On Saturday, the White House said after the call that Biden stressed that the invasion “would cause great human suffering and reduce Russia’s reputation.”

The result will be a firm response from the United States and its allies, with dire consequences for Moscow. Biden once again made it clear that the United States is still ready for diplomatic talks, but “also prepared for other scenarios.”

United States concessions signal

After the two presidents spoke on the phone, a senior US government official confirmed that the dynamic that had developed over the past few weeks had not fundamentally changed as a result of the conversation.

The American side had put ideas on the table aimed at security in Europe, which would also address some of Russia’s concerns. The government official was not more specific.

He said it was unclear whether Russia was interested in achieving its goal through diplomacy rather than force, but stressed that “there is a lot at stake not to give Russia every opportunity to act to avoid what we think would be catastrophic.”

More conversations planned

The US government official said the two presidents agreed that their teams would continue to stay in touch. Russia can still make a military decision.”

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According to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin lamented the lack of pressure from the West on Ukraine. Ushakov, Putin’s foreign policy adviser, said US warnings of a possible imminent attack by Russia on neighboring Ukraine were “hysteria”. Ushakov said Biden made “a series of considerations” that, from an American perspective, took into account Russia’s concerns about security in Europe. Putin has promised to examine these statements. At the same time, it has already become clear that the main Russian demands are not being met.