Creative Director: Thomas Hayu wants to ride a horse through Mongolia – Entertainment

Thomas Hayo even gave up his regular travel job. Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa / Archive

In order to be able to explore foreign countries more intensively, the New Yorker voluntarily gave up his permanent job ten years ago. In order to be able to discover a country, he also has a motto when traveling.

Hamburg – For Creative Director Thomas Hayo, 53, unaccompanied travel is the best way to discover a foreign country and its inhabitants.

“I’m a big fan of traveling alone. When you travel alone, you are more open and you get close to strangers a lot, that way you put yourself in situations that you won’t get into and you won’t get into as a group invited to a local family party or something similar,” Hayu told dpa in Hamburg. .

There are still many countries and regions on his wish list, said Thomas Hayo, who has become known as a juror on “Germany’s Next Top Model.” “For example, I’d like to travel to Mongolia. Maybe even on a horse.” The Arctic and certain parts of Africa also appealed to the citizens of Saarland.

“I’m always very open to any new experience because I think you learn the most from life situations and people who have grown up against your environment or culture.” This changes the perspective in your daily life. “This way you can realize that our lives in Germany or in the United States are not normal and that what we bother about so much may not necessarily be worth bothering about.”

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