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Couple wanting to vacation in Denmark

Couple wanting to vacation in Denmark


February 13, 2022 – 10:11 pm hour

Just before Christmas, a couple wants to take a small but nice trip. Your destination: the beautiful capital of Denmark. You are booking a flight with Ryanair. There is a big mess at the airport with queues at check in. But the couple got on their plane just in time. But when they get off the plane they say “Bonjour” instead of “Goddag,” according to the Manchester Evening News. Now they are demanding their money back – but the airline is blocking them.

Pre-Christmas chaos at the airport

Simon Forster and his girlfriend Emma Schofield from Leeds already know that their trip to Copenhagen will be challenging. Because at Manchester Airport there is pre-Christmas chaos with horribly long queues, as reported by local media. After they passed the Shampoo Police, they quickly sped to the gate of their home. Ryanair staff check passports and boarding passes. A ladder takes them to the only plane waiting on the runway – and they go up.

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Simon says they tried to show their boarding pass to a cabin crew member. But that just said, “Don’t worry!” (Photo: icon photo)

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1200 km from the actual destination

Simon claims to the Manchester Evening News that they tried to show their boarding passes to a cabin crew member. But this said “don’t worry” and asked them to take their seats. The couple don’t realize they’re in the French city of Beauvais – 1,200 kilometers from their actual destination, until they land and are greeted with a cheerful “Bonjour” at passport control.

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“We went through security and found a guy who spoke English and he told us where we were,” Simon says. “It was now after 11pm and France wasn’t allowing travelers from the UK after midnight, so we were advised to book a hotel quickly. I had no network, so one of my colleagues booked us a hotel for the evening near the Eiffel Tower.” Paris instead of Copenhagen – not bad either, but 2 times more expensive.

Couple demands an apology and a refund – Ryanair rejects them

“The shock of landing somewhere near Paris when you were supposed to travel to Copenhagen was ridiculous,” Simon says. “I would like to understand how this could happen.” He is now demanding an apology from Ryanair and asking the company to reimburse his flights, hotels and taxis after spending more than €1,100 during his stay in Paris.

However, Ryanair says it’s every passenger’s responsibility to make sure they board the correct plane, and there are multiple touch points throughout the flight where passengers are informed of the plane’s destination — including a welcome notice board. (indeed)