July 16, 2024

Counter-Strike 2: Valve files for trademark registration

Counter-Strike 2: Valve files for trademark registration

Rumors are currently swirling about a successor to the tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While there have been a lot of technical leaks in steam files About Counter-Strike 2 and until the advent of CS2.exe, information has now reached the public that it appears that Valve has officially filed trademark registrations for Counter-Strike and has requested a CS2 setup. This also includes related intellectual property i.e. anything else that belongs to Counter-Strike.

Of course, this indicates that we will soon get more information about Counter-Strike 2.

However, before the hype train gets too fast, it must be said that apart from the switch to Source Engine 2, and of course the technical improvements, no major next-gen upgrade is expected. So it’s more likely to be some kind of rebranding, like you could try Warzone 2.0, for example. However, the developers say that Counter-Strike 2 will receive new content and improvements on a regular basis. So it will be interesting to see how the game develops. By the way, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is sFree 2 Play has been on Steam since December 2019 It can also run in the cloud via GeForce NOW.

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