Coronation of Charles III live on TV and streaming: transmission, broadcast date and airtime

Royal fans from all over the world have been waiting for the event for a long time: the coronation of Charles III. To the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. More than 2,000 international guests are expected to attend the event in London. Among them are many queens, kings, princesses and princes from other countries. Perhaps the ceremony is an absolute must for fans of royal houses and royal families. Fortunately for everyone who can’t stand in front of Westminster Abbey and cheer, there is luck Saturday 1. The broadcaster knows fans of the royal family and broadcasts the entire event live. The events were also commented on by the aristocratic experts and guests in the studio.

Do you want to know exactly when the coronation will take place and how you can follow it? Stay with us, because here you will find all the information about the broadcast date, broadcast time and transmission of the coronation of Charles III.

Air date and time of coronation of Charles III.

Coronation of Charles III. On Saturday, May 6, 2023. Under the theme “This is the pride of coronation!” transmit Saturday 1. From 9.30 am the concert is live from London. Not only will the actual ceremony be broadcast, but background reporting will also be provided. This is ensured by the many experts in the studio as well as the live reporters on the scene.

Transmission of Charles III’s coronation: “This is the coronation!” on television and broadcast

Coronation of Charles III. All fans of the royal family can thank Saturday 1 Follow, as the transmitter handles the live broadcast of the event. This means you can curl up on the couch at home on a Saturday morning and watch the party on free TV.

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If you don’t want to sit in front of the TV, you can also use the live view. Because it is cross platform broadcastingGwenTV program from Sat.1 can be watched in parallel – it’s even free. However, in order to watch the content after it has been broadcast, you need one Gwen-account. If you want to consume additional series and other content without ads, you need one Gwen + Access. This can be tested for free for seven days and then costs €6.99 per month (source Gwenas of April 24, 2023).

to transfer he has Saturday 1All the noble experts gathered on the other side of the screen. Presenter Marilyn Loven takes the lead throughout the show. Leuven is mainly known from Breakfast TV Sat 1. However, she has already taken on royal themes in the past, for example in “The Royals – The Highlights” or “Countess Wanted”. Speaking in a London studio with:

  • Charlotte, Countess of Oeynhausen
  • Henry, Prince of Hanover
  • Major William Hunt, Master of Ceremonies and connoisseur of military and royal formalities
  • Ross Anthony, a native of England and a fan of the British Royal Family

Karen Heinrichs and Benjamin Bennick are reporting live from Westminster Abbey. Correspondent Benedict Amara also reported from Buckingham Palace.

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