April 13, 2024

Coronation of Charles III: i.e. design of invitations

the Royal family Flowers and animals – the hidden messages of coronation invitations

New portrait of King Charles III. and Camilla at Buckingham Palace

© Hugo Burnand / Buckingham Palace / PA Media / DPA

Buckingham Palace has released its first photo invitation cards for the coronation of Charles III. Posted May 6th. Of course, no design is chosen at random, almost everything has meaning.

Coronation of King Charles III. May 6th is approaching and preparations are in full swing at Buckingham Palace. More and more details about the festivities are emerging. It was recently announced that Prince George will be the Page of Honor. Charles and Camilla will each receive four pages of honor on their side during the procession through the nave. Camilla will be joined by her grandchildren Master Juice, Master Luis Lopez, and Master Freddy Parker Bowles.

Members of the royal family: issuance of coronation invitation cards

The palace has now shown the invitation cards for the first time. It is full of hidden and not-so-hidden messages. Designed by Andrew Jamieson, artist and heraldry painter. Particularly striking in the invitation, painted in watercolors and gouache, is the motif of the “Green Man,” according to Buckingham Palace, “an ancient figure from British folklore, symbolizing spring and rebirth to celebrate the New Testament.”

Invitation cards for the royal coronation of Charles III. May 6th is full of messages and symbolism

© Buckingham Palace / PA Media / DPA

The palace also declares that the “Green Man” is crowned with natural leaves, [das] From oak leaves, ivy and hawthorn [besteht] And the symbolic flowers of the United Kingdom.”

Animals, flowers and coat of arms

The written portion of the invitation is framed with lilies of the valley, cornflowers, wild strawberries, dog roses, bluebells, and a sprig of rosemary, serving as a reminder of the past. Animals can also be seen: bee, butterfly, beetle, bird and robin.

The flowers, according to the palace, “appear in groups of three” to symbolize that Charles will be the third monarch of that name. In the middle of the flower meadow you can also see a lion, a rhino and a wild boar. It was taken from Charles’ crest as well as from Camilla’s father Major Bruce Shand.

2,000 guests are expected to arrive at Westminster Abbey on May 6, including senior royals from around the world, politicians and relatives of the royal family.

source: Buckingham Palace

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