Controversial usage: With “Speedcam” every smartphone becomes a speed engine

Controversial new application: With “Speedcam” every smartphone becomes a speed engine

This app is currently only available for download in the UK. According to the operators, the output for other countries is still being explored.

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With the help of AI software, an application analyzes how fast vehicles are passing. Drivers despise App Operators and see it as a modern version of Stacy methods from the GDR era.

Speed ​​cameras are the same, but can the AI-supported utility be used to measure the speed of passing vehicles? In Great Britain, a new application is causing dissatisfaction among drivers. “Speedcam Anywhere” records short videos of passing vehicles. The videos are then uploaded to a server and evaluated by AI software. Uses AI number plate to search public registration database to find vehicle model and year. He uses this data to determine the distance between the axles of the vehicle and to calculate the speed relative to the image object.

Handling Google’s application shows that “Speedcam Anywhere” works accurately. Google initially blocked the app from the Play Store because the company doubted the reliability and functionality of this processor. After software operators provided Google with relevant technology and persuaded them, the software company lifted the ban again.

Users compare the application with the Stacy methods in GDR

“Speedcam Anywhere” is currently only available for download in Great Britain, where the practice is legal. The British Police have accepted records of traffic offenses committed by citizens over the years. However, since the processor was launched in March 2022, the team has been insulted and threatened, and they are afraid to reveal their identities. “We get a lot of hurtful emails,” the app’s founder told the Guardian. “Some people think this is a good idea, while others think it makes us a watch state.”

Report of Speedcam ubiquitous application

The statement made by AI is as follows

© Speedcam Anywhere / Google Play Store

“In GDR, citizens are encouraged to report to Stoss if their neighbor has committed a minor community crime. Congratulations on creating a modern version of it,” the review of the app said.

Speed ​​limit icon image

The purpose of the app is to encourage the police to take further action

According to the Guardian, someone on “Speedcam Nowhere” can’t get a fast ticket. After all, from a legal point of view, the application is not a speed camera.

But application operators are not about that. They hope to encourage police to take high-speed driving more seriously and to take extra action to prevent dangerous driving. “I think this is a step towards making our streets safer and more accessible to all.”

proof’s: Speedcam is a ubiquitous website, The Guardians

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