Completed But Incomplete: World’s Best Duo – North America

Conor McDavid (left) and Leon Dricetel are the best attacking duo in the world. © GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Christian Petersen

The most dangerous offensive duo in the National Hockey League has been German national team player Leon Draistel and his Canadian friend Conor McDavid for years. Shortly before the end of the main tour, they hit a total of 271 goals in this season alone. The list of personal awards is long and impressive. However, there is a huge gap in life.

The two strikers with the Edmonton Oilers have never been champions in the world’s top ice hockey league. In the next qualifiers there is the next attempt after the disappointments of the past few years.

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to the Stanley Cup,” former national team coach Marco Sturm told dpa of Draistel and his partner. They are under tremendous pressure this year more than last year. If it doesn’t work, I’d say there’s still some time, but it’s less and less. Everyone expects him and McDavid to win this trophy now. Draisaitl has two more years under contract, and McDavid three more – if the Oilers don’t prove soon that the Stanley Cup can come to Edmonton, it will be very difficult to keep the duo.

“You can’t win anything with players. You need a team that stands behind it and does its job.”
Leon Drystel

Having the best and second best striker on the team as a challenger is tough for any defense, but that alone is not enough. “You can’t win anything with players. You don’t beat a team over there. You need a team to stand behind it and do its job,” Draistel said before a 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Kings. In his knit sweater, gray slacks and pretty brown slippers, he looked like many Fashion-conscious people are in their mid-20s—but the 27-year-old from Cologne is a star in ice-hockey-mad Edmonton. Just up front: McDavid.”We’re very good friends. We like to play together. “We push each other in training and in matches,” Draistel said.

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Everything was erased separately, but not with Oilsers

Both have already been awarded the Art Ross Trophy, the Ted Lindsay Award, and the Hart Memorial Trophy – Translator: Draisaitl was already the best scorer in the world’s ice hockey league and was voted MVP by both journalists and other NHL professionals elected to the main round. McDavid has even received all the awards several times. However, the two professionals were not in the Stanley Cup Final. A year ago, the Western Conference Finals ended for the five-time Stanley Cup winner from Canada. There was a 0:4 against the eventual champion Colorado Avalanche.

Leon Drystel (left) and Conor McDavid caused quite a stir for years, only missing out on the championship titles. ©APA/JUSTIN BERL

The 50-goal mark and the 100-point scoring barrier, both of which were breached again long ago? invaluable. “I’m happy about it, I’m honored. But that’s behind me again and now I’m looking forward. There are more important things than 50 goals: winning the Stanley Cup,” Draistel emphasized. Unlike last season, when a severe ankle injury affected him in the playoffs, he became the man From Cologne in form now.A 3-1 win over the Anaheim Ducks on Wednesday night (local time) means the number one in the Pacific Division is within reach and presumably an easier opponent in the first round of the playoffs.

When asked if, in the event of another failure, he should worry about where he might win the Stanley Cup, which to him means more than any award in his career thus far, Draistel replied: “I mean, we have one great opportunity here.” To win it. That’s where I’m focusing right now. Everything else has time in the future. Right now my thoughts are with the Oilers only.”

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