June 20, 2024

Company struggles with hurdles: This is how Brexit affects Ejot sales

Company struggles with hurdles: This is how Brexit affects Ejot sales

how Bad Berleburg. Of course, Regupol BSW is not the only Wittgenstein company doing business in the UK and affected by the consequences of Brexit. For Bad Berleburg communications expert Ejot, Brexit has also brought hurdles, press spokesperson Andreas Wolff reported when asked by SZ.

“However, our colleagues at Ejot UK also say that these challenges were not as dire as had been anticipated in the initial UK-EU negotiations.”
As a rule, Ejot’s trade within Great Britain hardly changed. However, there is a “problem” with the Northern Ireland Protocol (SZ reported), which is still being negotiated. “It wouldn’t be surprising if the current situation changed in any way in the future,” says Andreas Wolff, who asserts that intra-EU trade has “naturally” brought with it an increase in bureaucracy. When importing and exporting outside the EU prior to Brexit, the main problems relate to the additional paperwork required compared to the above. Concretely, this means that there are additional costs to Ejot customs agents for each delivery from the UK – in addition to the additional advertising costs required by the company for HMRC in the UK and Ireland.

Brexit does not affect Ejot sales

Initial difficulties brought about by Brexit, for example with direct deliveries to the Republic of Ireland, Ejot was able to quickly resolve the press spokesperson. Other problems included direct delivery of ‘samples’ from Germany to UK customers and import costs that had to be paid before delivery.

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Another problem was the return of European migrant workers to their homes and the consequent reduced availability of labor across the UK. Andreas Wolf sums up: “However, the timing of Covid also means that many EU citizens have returned home during the pandemic, making it difficult to determine the actual impact of Brexit.”
Positive: Brexit has had no effect on annual Ejot sales so far. In 2021, this was slightly higher than in 2020: “Trade relations continue as before and in some cases have grown.”