Communication from Education and Science – Reasonably Coordination of Operations in Hospitals, German Society for Workflow Management in Healthcare (DGWMiG) eV, Press Release

Transfer of patients within the hospital should be scheduled, providing resources and transparency for all involved. The following example shows that this is often not the case:

“Patient Mr. Schmucker is not fully immobile after surgery. The responsible Dr. Dr. Mueller orders a pressure ECG, chest x-ray and ultrasound on the first day after the operation. The nurse in charge, Mrs. Schulz, has tried several times unsuccessfully to reach Mr. Finke From the shuttle service so that he can pick up Mr. Schmoker at 9:00 AM. (2 minutes). Mr. Finke leads Mr. Schmücker to the diagnostic department for an EKG and back again (5 minutes). X-ray appointment at 1:00 pm. Once again, Mrs. Schulze called Mr. Fink several times (2 minutes). He comes and leads Mr. Schmucker to the diagnostic department again, this time for an X-ray (10 minutes). At 4:00 p.m., Mr. Schmoker had an ultrasound. Mrs. Schulz called Mr. Fink several times for the third time (2 minutes). He comes and leads Mr. Schmoker to the diagnostic department again, this time for an ultrasound and takes him back to the ward. (5 minutes). “

lost time For calls, routes and hold: 26 min.

Mr. Finke walks three times from his office to the ward, and from there to the diagnostic department, back to the ward and back to his department rather than coordinating all the appointments to take place one by one.

when approved 25.00 euro Total personnel costs per hour as a result of the 26 minutes lost With 3,500 patients with a potential of 37916.67 euros.

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He added, “We were encouraged to enter the facilities Regular workflow management Routine to save time and avoid waste by engaging in communication and motivating stakeholders to successfully develop their skills”

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