June 20, 2024

Commentary on Georgia's election law - Anti-democracy

Commentary on Georgia’s election law – Anti-democracy

Republicans place electoral laws on the battlefield of the American Cultural War. This is very dangerous for democracy in the United States.

Indeed a dry matter, but now stirring emotions: protests in front of the Atlanta Capitol building against the new election law.

Foto: Erik S. Lesser (Keystone)

America’s democracy is now in grave danger. This is largely due to what happened to the Republicans in the four years Donald Trump was president, and how they are responding now to the voters who put an end to that presidency.

The Republicans’ response to this loss is not to ask whether there is a problem with their policies or their personnel. It’s about changing state electoral laws so that it will be difficult for Democratic voters – especially blacks – to vote.

Since what remains of the miserable program the Republicans still have, as well as their poor choice of candidates, are no longer enough in many places to attract enough voters, voting should be extremely difficult for the largest possible number of voters in the competition to stay home.

The new Republican election laws are based on a lie.

In Georgia, which was once a Republican stronghold but where the Democrats won the last election, a new electoral law that is actually more than an election obstruction law has just entered into force. Not everything in it is anti-democratic or even racist. But the spirit that the law breathes is both.

Additionally, the new Republican election laws are based on a lie: Donald Trump did or should have won the November elections, but the victory was stolen from him by Democrats through fraud and deception. Thus, the new rules, Republicans argue, are necessary to ensure the “integrity” of the US election and to prevent such fraud from occurring again.

As a result, the Republican Party officially declared that Trump’s assertion of his election victory was stolen, for which there is not a single evidence, the truth, and became the basis of politics. For a problem that does not really exist, Republicans invent a hypothetical solution, which in turn could have real and devastating consequences for democracy in America.

For now, it is impossible to see how Republicans find their way out of the patchwork of lies and conspiracies in which they have followed Trump. One should not hope that companies like Coca-Cola or Delta Airlines, which are headquartered in Georgia and which have surprisingly criticized the new election law, will bring the party back to its senses once again.

There is a high risk that corporate criticism will have the opposite effect.

Gone are the days when the Republicans were the corporate party. From the party’s standpoint, these former allies had long been enemies, and part of the arrogant left-wing elite that opposed true America.

There is a high risk that corporate criticism will have the opposite effect. Because in this way, the right to vote – in fact a dry technical matter one should be able to talk about without the outburst of emotional outbursts – now enters into the meat grinder of the cultural struggles that are grinding America.

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All this does not bode well for the United States. Democracy cannot survive if one of the parties that are supposed to support it abandons it.

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