Coming of Christ 2021: Around the World: Great Britain and Ireland

Let’s go on a world tour. We traveled west and hit zero in Greenwich.

Where should a journey through 24 time zones begin besides the prime meridian? And since the observatory in Greenwich, from which the imaginary line of longitude zero is drawn, is located to the west of us, the additional direction of flight is also determined. Always west until we come home on christmas eve. Then let’s hurry up…

It’s a matter of math: a day has 24 hours and the circle has 360 degrees – the number system based on 12 and 60 is of Babylonian origin – so one hour corresponds to 15 degrees. In other words: in a place 15 degrees to the west, the time is noon an hour later. As railroads allowed the world to come together in the mid-1800s, there was only one time zone. It’s midday in Munich and Berlin around the same time, but not in Dresden and Düsseldorf. The hours in Germany are at least 12 at the same time, coinciding with those in Poland, France, Spain and most other EU countries. Only the British – no longer in the EU, but in Europe – and the Irish are leaving again. The clock strikes noon in Le Havre and London at about the same time, but Big Ben does not strike twelve o’clock until an hour later. In principle, there is a new time zone every 15 degrees of longitude, one hour earlier so to speak. We always find exceptions in our journey, here. Only Portugal is one hour behind our time in the European Union along with the British Isles.

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But let’s look at London as the center of the world, which was with some justification at the time when time zones became necessary. The main meridian passes through the Greenwich region, and the time applied in Great Britain and the former colony of Ireland is universal time, i.e. UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

From Apple’s point of view, the center of the world may be elsewhere, in a circular building in Cupertino. But islands in the UTC ± 0 time zone have always been a springboard to Europe. Just think of 2005, when the first European Union Apple Store (yes, it’s still the European Union back then!) opened on Regent Street in London. Or in earlier times when a computer manufacturer was still a youngster looking for a country in which, firstly, it could be produced cheaply, and secondly, the roads to profitable markets on the continent were not so far away. In 1980 the choice fell on the Republic of Ireland, not yet in the European Union at the time, a low-wage country and one that encouraged the settlement of large corporations with tax rates that put the term “oasis” on the tongue. Better to make too little of too much profit than too much of nothing, an idea that has become a problem for nation-states in an increasingly globalized world.

However, we’re not wondering whether Apple will recover the €13 billion in taxes deposited into Ireland’s escrow account after the legal process is completed, or whether the additional payment requested by the EU is correct and fair. In our test ask you: In which Irish city did Apple settle down well 40 years ago and still do business there today?

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