June 16, 2024

Comedians target Germans and are hugely successful on YouTube

Comedians target Germans and are hugely successful on YouTube

Berlin –

German obsession with efficiency through the eyes of a comedian: Through a YouTube video, an improvised comedian mocked what he saw as a German idiosyncrasy.

“The Germans Are Not Effective” (translated: the Germans are not competent) is the name of an almost two-minute clip by Daniel Ryan Spaulding (35) from Canada. In contributing, the comedian addresses the reluctance and exaggerated precision in problem solving, which he sees as typical of the country, which sometimes causes problem solving to be postponed indefinitely.

Comedian makes fun of German characteristics

Spaulding, who has already appeared several times as a guest on Jan Bohmermann’s satirical show “ZDF Magazin Royale,” explains that unlike Germany, problems abroad are usually solved as follows: “There is a problem – you fix the problem – the problem is solved.”

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In Germany, on the other hand, countless permits had to be obtained, meetings organized, supervisors asked, guilty parties sought to solve the problem, as the 35-year-old is depicted in the form of playing the role of one man. And if a long weekend appears in Mallorca between them, the solution to the problem will have to wait until next week.

The Germans still think Spaulding is great

Despite his ridiculous criticism, Spaulding, who claims to have lived in Europe for ten years and in Berlin for three years, thinks the Germans are wonderful, he told the German news agency DPA. Because even if the Germans are not funny, they can at least hold jokes about themselves. “Being able to laugh at yourself and your culture is very important because life is difficult and you cannot take everything in life seriously.”

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Spaulding also sees Germans ’love of order as a norm in the country: They quickly get frustrated when the rules are not adhered to or when something is not working as it should. “Canadians are more relaxed and can handle a little better with a little clutter,” says Spaulding. (Dpa)