December 10, 2023

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Comedian Ceylon stirs up party: “I’m Gurfalfer” – DPA

Comedian Bülent Ceylan (46) says when asked where he comes from abroad: “From the moon.” Mannheimer starred as a guest guest with a German mother and a Turkish father in a celebration of the 70th birthday of the state of Baden-W்டrttemberg in the state parliament on Wednesday evening. Nor would he say he came from Baden-W்டrttemberg. “I’m from Palatinate,” he said during a panel discussion in front of 400 invited guests in Stuttgart. This regional pride is precisely beautiful. “It doesn’t matter to me where you come from. The main thing is to behave well.

However, Ceylon has a somewhat divided relationship with its hometown. When he accidentally wanted to attract his wife from Mannheim from North Rhine-Westphalia to “Oxford German” he first took her to the quiet, neighboring Heidelberg. When she asked him if it was not Mannheim, he said: “Heidelberg is a district of Mannheim.” In the industrial city of Mannheim you need to know “where are you going”. But he did not want to go to Heidelberg because living there was too expensive. “I’m Swabian,” Ceylon teased.

Earlier, Muhdrem Aras, Speaker of the State Parliament, hailed the establishment of the Southwestern State in April 1952 as “the beginning of a remarkable success story”. One is the “unity in diversity” country. “We owe a lot to the diversity of people and cultures,” the Green politician said. He hopes that the merger of Baden-Wrttemberg will one day set a precedent for Europe and the United States with the diversity of regions.

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Recently, however, trouble arose because Baden’s party was not invited to a panel discussion at the anniversary. Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) recently declared that there were no people from Baden in the state in the 70s. “Today there are only people from Baden-W்டrttemberg,” said the 73-year-old, whose parents were once from East Prussia and now live in Sigmaringen. Bülent Ceylan said he was not surprised by Kretschmann’s speech: “Aha, aren’t we Vortmbergers?” Kretschmann should better emphasize the word “bath”.