June 21, 2024

Menschen überqueren einen Fluss mithilfe einer Seilbahn.

‘Colossal disaster’: UN appeal to help Pakistan flood victims

Half a million people are homeless

Last Thursday, the government in Islamabad declared a state of emergency and requested international assistance to deal with the disaster. According to the government itself, it provides 173 million dollars. In total, more than 33 million people were affected by the floods, it added. According to estimates by the Ministry of Planning, the damage to the Pakistani economy is about ten billion dollars (about ten billion euros).

The United States is providing $30 million in emergency aid to flood victims. The White House said the US Agency for International Development will provide urgently needed food, clean water, improved sanitation, and shelter to tens of millions of affected people. A coordinator from the agency arrived in Islamabad on Monday.

As explained by the spokesman for the United Nations Office of Emergency Relief (OCHA), Jens Laerke, in Geneva, about half a million people are made homeless. Many relatives and others were taken, and others lived in the camps. New homes must be built quickly.

Medical help needed

The Geneva Assistance Scheme offers, among other things, medical assistance. According to the World Health Organization, the injuries are caused by debris and debris swept away by water bodies, electric shocks from torn wires, and infections such as cholera. These spread when sewage contaminated with feces is not disposed of properly. People with chronic illnesses such as diabetics and pregnant women will also have to continue receiving emergency care.

Nearly 900 health facilities have been destroyed or damaged. Children’s charity UNICEF reported that even before the floods, Pakistan had many malnourished children. They need special support now.

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According to their own statements, Malteser is providing 100,000 euros for the first emergency relief measures. says Cordola Wasser, head of Asia at Malteser International in Cologne. Mobile medical teams will be dispatched to particularly affected areas through local partners.