Cold wave in Canada and the US: Arctic blast in North America during Christmas

Cold is still far from the big places. -50 degrees were recorded in the Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory. However: This is also unusual for northern Canada in December. “Thursday is likely to reach the peak of cold weather across the northern Midwest, with highs in the -20s to -30s from Montana to Wyoming and South Dakota.”According to meteorologist Oliver Klein.

“Further south, Friday will be the coldest day, with highs at or slightly above 0 degrees even in the Gulf of Mexico.”The expert continues.

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Vancouver has already received 25 centimeters of snow. Countless passengers were stranded at the airport and 200 flights were cancelled. And it’s cool. Local weather services have warned people of extreme temperatures. The “Arctic Blast” will continue for a few more days.

In addition, the weather is decorated with brutal winds. And they let the perceived temperature rush into the basement. Hypothermia can occur very quickly, and being outside can become a real hazard. Well, Merry Christmas to America and Canada.

The winter solstice marks the calendrical and astronomical start of winter. The sun is directly above the southern tropics. That is exactly at 22:48 (CET) on December 21st. From this time, the sun moves north again, and is then perpendicular to the equator at the beginning of spring in March.

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