Climate Shakira “wanted a lot of chaos” – and then came the arrest

Protests in Vienna

Climate Shakira “wanted a lot of chaos” – and then came the arrest

Climate activist Anja Wendell, who was stuck on Wednesday, spoke out about the motives behind the crime – after a short time she was taken away by the police.


On May 3, 2023, Anya Wendel took part in the protest actions of the “last generation” against Franz Josef Kays in Vienna.

France Press agency

  • There were massive traffic disturbances in downtown Vienna on Wednesday.

  • Last Generation activists have closed several bridges.

  • Anya Wendell was there too.

the Last generation climate activists The largest wave of protests in Austria so far was declared in May. For up to four weeks, they want to set an example for their cause every day. On Wednesday there were several moves along the Franz Josef Case in Vienna. Activists chose Friedensbrücke and Aspernbrücke near Urania as their gathering place.

It was only after some time that the police decided to take action against the activists plastered on the Asperon Bridge. With the party it was again “Shakira’s climate” Anja Windl. Wendell explained to the portal “Heot” the importance of the protest: “Because we see that the government is not fulfilling its responsibility in any way.”

“This is madness”

As a place of protest, the activist added, bridges are “generally relatively suitable for creating a relatively large amount of traffic chaos relatively quickly”. Many of those waiting were disturbed by the protest. A bystander accused the activists of not having any training. Enraged, he walked away with the words: “You’re so stupid, he’s crazy.”

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A Vienna police spokesman explained the authorities’ hesitant approach by saying local traffic had been diverted. The waiting period with the official coercive measures was taken in coordination with the official representative, since initially “there were no legal grounds for dissolution”. It wasn’t until soon after that the increasing volume of traffic ensured that the meeting would be resolved after all. Climate activist Anya Wendell has been temporarily detained.

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