April 22, 2024

Climate activists reportedly want to ally themselves with left-wing extremists

Climate activists from Germany are currently causing red heads in many places, especially as their roads are closed. But now an entirely different danger may be emerging from activists, experts warn.

Supporters of the “Climate Justice Movement” show solidarity with left-wing independents on the far-left platform “Indymedia”. They promise: “We know we are all fighting the same battle because climate justice is not possible without anti-fascism and feminism. We will fight alongside you on Day X!”

With “The Tenth Day,” the group means the Saturday after sentencing for left-wing indie Lena E. and Three Guys. They are accused of forming a criminal organization.

Therefore, experts warn of a merger of environmental activists and left-wing extremists. “Previous protests showed that left-wing extremist tendencies are becoming evident in the climate movement,” explains the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Saxony, Dirk Martin Christian, to Bild.

In the case of individual climate activists, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution will find at least a certain lack of distance toward far-left positions, according to Christian. “There are forms of action amounting to serious criminal offenses that parts of the climate movement do not or half-heartedly reject.”

Police are already gearing up for Day 10 with a slew of “violent riots,” according to authorities.