February 23, 2024

Class-action lawsuit against Sony for defective PS5 consoles

Class-action lawsuit against Sony for defective PS5 consoles

DualSense controllers have been criticized on Playstation 5. Buyers are complaining about so-called drift problems: the analog sticks on the console will transmit commands to the console without any action from the players. According to a report by “IGN” A US law firm has now filed a class-action lawsuit against Sony.

Lawyers accuse Sony of selling defective controllers, although the manufacturer was aware of the problem. The IGN report states that Sony’s behavior is “fraudulent, disappointing, illegal and unfair.”

Aside from defective controllers, prosecutors also criticize Sony’s customer service. This is heavily burdened. Anyone sending their console for repairs should expect long wait times. Above all, Sony cannot fix a defective console. The report says customer service sends controllers back to customers without resolving the problem.

Bluewen“Affected customers are recommending to reset DualSense and clean the sticks completely. This has actually helped in some cases.

Sony employee Disassemble the PS5 in front of the camera. Get insight into console architecture and technologies. Read more here.

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