Citizen Science: What does a bird’s concert sound like? – Furstenfeldbrook

How does the chorus of morning birds sound in different places? And who collects more shots – the city or the country? This is what the “Dawn Challenge” project wants to document. As part of the Citizen Science and Art project, the “City vs. Country Challenge” will take place on Sunday, May 21st. The State Association for the Protection of Birds and Nature (LBV), the Bavarian Museum of Natural History together with the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and many other partners invite you to participate.

Everyone who wants to participate must make an audio recording of their natural surroundings one hour before and one hour after sunrise. No prior knowledge is required for this. All information about participation can be found on the project homepage. With the Dawn Chorus app, anyone can record and upload scientifically standardized audio recordings.

People’s recordings should make the sound audible what the different habitats in Bavaria, Germany and the world look like: Which birds are singing in big cities like Munich, and which are in Fürstenfeldbruck? Do birds in the North Sea sing differently than in the Alps? “Everyone is invited to record the morning birdsong at their doorstep, share it, and thus make an important contribution to biodiversity research,” explains LBV.

This also applies to teachers and their students – together as a class they can attend on May 22nd Join Dawn Chorus and win exciting prizes. Bird calls will be collected from the World of Awakened Birds Morning Concert through May 31.

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