December 8, 2023

Cision's PR Newswire expands network of premium sponsored career publications in Europe and Canada

Cision’s PR Newswire expands network of premium sponsored career publications in Europe and Canada

The offering implements a holistic media strategy to maximize distribution of the company’s messages through earned and paid media channels

Frankfurt, July 14, 2022 — PR Newswire, a Cision company, is expanding its sponsored placement product portfolio globally, including Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, UK) and Canada. This addition to the distribution network allows companies to bridge the gap between earned and paid media offerings. A digital, native ad is created from a PR Newswire press release that can be placed immediately and strategically in publications. As part of multi-channel strategies, communications professionals will use sponsored placements to increase content impact, reach audiences and increase visibility to generate more coverage.

“Cision’s additional investment in sponsored placements demonstrates the power of brand storytelling. Gartner’s research shows integrated campaigns across four channels perform 300% better than campaigns with one or two channels,” he said. of PR Newswire. “Developing a consistent brand message increases the value and effectiveness of brand building across multiple communication channels.”

Sponsored placements enable communication professionals to reach a wider audience in previously untapped markets.

  • Strengthen: Gain the credibility of trusted publications by embedding paid branded content on premium sites that customers already visit.
  • targetTargeting audiences for a brand’s content, including specific stakeholders, through tailored information or communication campaigns
  • Visibility: Native paid advertising is an effective complement to the activities of earned media and multi-channel approaches, and can increase the impact of a company’s communications by increasing the number of impressions and making ROI measurable.
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“Through the sponsored placement, we were able to increase the visibility of our World Living Soil Forum by sharing the announcement on French press pages,” said Alain Lavital, Communications Director of Session client Moët Hennessy. “We achieved 197,000 impressions in one week, resulting in 190 impressions on our site. We plan to use this service to support our future announcements.”

According to a media report in 2022 ( from Cision, press releases are a very popular way to inform journalists about news and important information about a company. Pairing news releases with native advertising, which is more reliable and has been proven to generate higher click-through rates, increases the visibility of the messages the spokesperson wants to share.

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