Cinema Reopening Dates Around the World: Latest Updates

Cinemas are also dealing with the third wave of closures in 2021. Screen A schematic diagram of the situation in markets around the world.

This page contains updates for each region as it arrives, including dates, distances, and distribution as applicable.

Information on European countries was compiled in cooperation with the International Film Federation (UNIC). Dates and deadlines come from national authorities and should be considered temporary and subject to change.

Albania – Open
Albania has a curfew as all citizens are required to stay home from 11 PM until 6 AM.

Algeria – Closed

American Samoa – Closed

Austria – Closed
Reopening date: TBC

Bahrain – Fatah

Belgium – Closed
Reopening date: March TBC
In mid-January, it was announced that the nationwide lockdown would continue until at least March 1 and that cinemas would only open at that time.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – open

Bulgaria – open

China – open

Croatia – OPEN

Cyprus – open
There is a 9 pm curfew and a maximum of 50 people for indoor occupancy. Therefore, the leading movie series decided not to reopen it.

Czech Republic – Closed
The Czech Republic is currently within Level 5 restrictions. Cinemas can be occupied at 25% and there are no Tier 3 food and beverage sales. Local operators do not expect reopening before April 2021.

Denmark – Closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than February 28th
Danish citizens protested plans to obtain a digital “passport” for a vaccine that could be used in movie theaters, for example.

Egypt – Fatah

Estonia – open

Finland – open in the regions
Public events and gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited in 12 of Finland’s 19 regions, which cover 80% of the population.

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France – Closed

Germany – Closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than March 7th

Greece – closed

Hong Kong – open

Hungary – Closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than March 1st

Iceland – open

Irak – Fatah

Ireland – Closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than April

Israel – closed

Italy – closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than March 5th

Jordan – Closed

Kosovo – open

Kuwait – closed

Latvia – Closed
Reopening date: April 6

Lebanon – closed

Libya – closed

Lithuania – Closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than March

Luxembourg – open

Malta – open

Montenegro – open

Morocco – closed

Netherlands – Closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than March 2nd

North Macedonia – open
Cinemas can be run up to 30%

Norway – open

Amman – closed

Palestine – Fatah

Poland – is open in the regions
The cinemas can be used up to 50% and there is no sale of food or drinks. Many large operators have chosen not to open the door again as these restrictions make it very difficult. However, there are over 180 independent venues open.

Portugal – Closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than March 1st

Qatar – closed

Romania – open in the regions
Cinemas in major cities including Bucharest are allowed at 30% with a 9pm curfew.

Russia – open
As of the beginning of 2021, 97% of Russian cinemas have reopened in 83 of the country’s 85 regions. More than half of open theaters still have capacity limits of 70% to 15%.

Saudi Arabian – Fatah

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Serbia – open

Singapore – open

Slovakia – Closed

Slovenia – Closed

Spain – is open in the regions
While operation is theoretically permitted, many Spanish cinemas closed their doors at the end of 2020 due to a lack of content and complex local restriction measures. It is estimated that only 40% of Spanish cinemas are functional at the beginning of February – most of them only on certain days of the week.

South Korea – open

Sudan – closed

Sweden – Closed

Switzerland – Closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than March

Tunisia – Closed

Turkey – closed
Reopening date: Not earlier than March 1st

United Kingdom – Closed

Ukraine – Open

United Arab Emirates – OPEN

The United States is open to the territories
Reopen date: varies by state

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