Chromecast with Google TV in the test – the extra smart TV

Chromecast with Google TV has arrived in Switzerland after a one-and-a-half year delay. Nevertheless, “DIY Smart TV” is compelling in practice across the board.

The basics in brief

  • A few weeks ago, Google also launched a Chromecast with Google TV in Switzerland.
  • The dongle turns any HDMI device into a smart TV with a modern interface.
  • Especially with countless streaming services, Google TV is a lifesaver when you need it.

At the end of May, Google launched a brand new Chromecast – at least for us. Chromecast with Google TV is Available practically everywhere else since fall 2020.

However, took another closer look at the search engine’s new streaming stick. And indeed: even today, Chromecast with its own operating system is a practical addition to the modern family.

Google TV is the lifesaver in streaming streaming

Compared to Google’s live streaming devices, which have been on sale for nearly ten years, the new model has two main features: a Google TV remote control. The latter is the Smart TV interface, which is increasingly used in various TVs. This was called Android Television

Once connected via HDMI and connected to a power source, practically any screen can be used as a smart TV. Just In the era of abundance in broadcasting Google TV is a real lifesaver. Common applications can be installed on the stick and used directly. Come on speak YoutubeAnd the NetflixDisney + , Amazon president spotifyHey Zato, the list is almost endless.

What makes the whole thing special is that Google TV acts as the main hub for all of the streaming services. Content from all services associated with a Google account is displayed on the start page. So you don’t have to open every app to search for series and movies.

In addition, up to six people can create profiles on Chromecast using their Google account. Bonus point: All users get their own start page with really well customized recommendations.

Remote control for “DIY Smart TV”

The second feature, though, is the Chromecast remote, which is a true all-in-one. Needless to say, this is used to run the interface on a broadcast stick. Thanks to HDMI-CEC and infrared, it can also communicate with practically any other device conceivable. For example, it can be set up so that the power button controls the TV, while the volume control switch connects to the subwoofer in the 1980s.

The remote control also has a Google Assistant button. This can make things weird Netflix Get started, and control your Philips Hue lights and View smart security camera feed on TV. Last but not least, there are two pre-programmed buttons that can be used as shortcuts Youtube or Netflix to serve.

The only downside to the remote control is that it runs on batteries. It is recommended to use a battery that can be charged via USB-C or, like new Samsung remotes, without a battery. And: With the white variant, the color of the buttons changes after more than a year.

Chromecast with Google TV: A Smart TV for Everyone

Even if it’s the new Chromecast They arrived in this country too lateIt’s still a really solid product today. The investment is beneficial for anyone who wants to breathe new life into an old television set. But upgrading to Google TV should also be a consideration for older Smart TVs running their own operating system. Above all, those with multiple streaming subscriptions should appreciate Google’s Smart TV operating system.

Chromecast is available with Google TV from Google itself for 69.99 franc Available. That’s more than previous Chromecasts cost, but the corresponding added value is clearly there.

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