July 12, 2024

Chrome: Change Language – computerwoche.de

Chrome: Change Language – computerwoche.de

In a calculator below Windows First, launch Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots next to the search bar. Select an item from the menu systems Then click on the option on the left languages.

After that, it goes down in the right pane Preferred languages Further. By default you will see four entries, the first two of which correspond to the language of your operating system, which is usually German. The first entry determines which language Chrome uses when allowing the browser to translate web pages. However, the second point is decisive for the language in which the user interface is displayed. He carries the subline This language is used for Google Chrome UI.

Third and fourth records American English) respectively English. To change the browser interface to this language, for example, click the three dots next to it American English). Then enable the checkbox in the menu that opens Show Google Chrome in this language. Then you need to restart the browser.

You can add other languages ​​by clicking the button Add languages Click on In the following dialog you can scroll through the list and directly select the language of your choice using the checkbox or use the search bar. After clicking Add The desired language appears as the last entry in the list. Now use the three dots on the right to set it as the display language.

If you die AndroidThe process is mostly based on the Google Chrome app Windows– Variation. First, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select Input from the menu systems.

Then scroll down a bit and change languages. On the next page, tap on Category Chrome language For the default option Current device language With sub-line German Germany).

Now you can select the desired language from the list of available languages. If necessary, the corresponding language pack will be downloaded first. Chrome also needs this for the change to take effect Android The browser must be restarted.

While trying it, you should always remember that the user interface of Google Chrome appears in the respective language. If you don’t speak them enough, or not at all, the way back to the standard language will be very difficult and, in the worst case, can only be done with the help of a native speaker.

products: This trick works with Google Chrome version 107.0 Windows And Android. The process may differ in other versions. (ad)