June 21, 2024

Christina Applegate: American actress with MS

Actress Christina Applegate, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, is currently suffering from severe depression. She talks about it openly on her podcast.

Actress Christina Applegate is speaking openly and candidly about her mental health in the latest episode of her podcast “MeSsy,” which she co-hosts with Jamie Lynn Sigler. Because of her multiple sclerosis, the 52-year-old currently suffers from severe depression, “which scares me a little too.”

It feels “really fatalistic,” Christina Applegate explains, “like everything is over.” She was “trapped in this darkness that I probably haven’t felt in over 20 years.”

She also talks on her podcast about her surprise appearance at the Primetime Emmy Awards with boyfriend Anthony Anderson in January, which she had to do with a cane. It was the “hardest day” of her life, and after that she slept for “two days.”

“I’ll be really honest… I don’t enjoy life. I don’t enjoy things anymore,” she continues. Because of her depression, the actress has now made an appointment with a therapist, “which was a big deal for me.”

Christina Applegate went public with her illness in 2021, having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just a few months ago. Since then, she has become very candid on her podcast “MeSsy” about the consequences of the autoimmune neurological disease and new challenges in her daily life.

Among other things, the actress, best known as Kelly Bundy on the series “A Very Nice Family,” now has to wear diapers, rely on a cane, and sometimes cannot shower for weeks. In addition, she often experiences severe pain in different parts of her body, which greatly limits her.

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