Chip production has been partially moved to the United States again – a significant deal

Apple wants to invest more in the US economy. The group has completed a deal that will bring back a portion of chip production.

Apple is increasingly turning to the USA as a location for development and production. IAs part of the multi-billion dollar deal, parts for telecom chips are now slated to be developed and produced in the United States.

“All Apple products are based on technology that was developed and made here in the United States,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement. The tech group wants to “continue to expand its investments in the US economy because we firmly believe in America’s future.”

Apple plans to invest $430 billion in the United States

When announcing the deal, the company also indicated its promise from 2021 to invest $430 billion in the United States within five years. The group sees itself on the track.

The multi-year agreement with the chipset company Broadcom It includes, among other things, components for 5G radio technology. There was no specific information on the deal size or term.

iPhone modems for connecting to ultra-fast 5G data radio currently come from chip company Qualcomm. However, Apple has been said to have had ambitions for years to develop 5G technology internally.

Also Qualcomm You expect to lose your modem deal with Apple in the long run. Apple had Intel’s wireless modem division in 2019 Bought – and thus also acquired a development site in Munich.

Apple is also shifting its production to India

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