China removes superstar Zhao Wei from the network – this is behind her

A festive parade marking the centenary of the Communist Party of China in Beijing, 28, 2021.

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She has millions of fans, billions in her bank account. But suddenly Beijing removed actress Zhao Wei from the story. Why, no one honestly says.

What happened?

Zhao Wei is one of the most famous actresses in China. The 45-year-old is also a prominent entrepreneur and investor, with an estimated fortune of over $1 billion.

She rose to fame in the late 1990s in the Chinese TV series “My Fair Princess” in which she starred, and gradually became one of China’s greatest starlets as an actress, director and businesswoman.

Her fans rubbed their eyes in amazement on August 26 as Zhao’s work, including films and series in which she’s starred or been produced, gradually disappeared from Chinese streaming platforms such as Tencent and Iqiyi.

According to reports, she was even removed from the credits of the films in which she appeared. But she did not stop. Your fan page on Weibo, the Chinese counterpart to Twitter, has also been deleted.

Hashtag “What happened to Zhao Wei?” It was quickly captured as the “chaohua” feature, which shows fans the latest and most popular updates, was deactivated on Weibo.

Rumors surfaced that she and her husband, 44-year-old Singaporean businessman Hwang Yoo Long, were heading to the country. France Left. The couple owns a winery in Bordeaux.

Why are they only?

Zhao is not the only celebrity currently under pressure from the Chinese authorities. Something similar happened to actress Cheng Shuang last week. Her films disappeared, and at the same time she faced an allegation of tax fraud.

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In Zhao’s case, the mystery remains: So far there is no official explanation as to why the country’s regulatory authorities have targeted her.

The The headline of the party’s newspaper “Global Times” But the day after Zhao was deleted, she was a “scandalous actress” and described various legal disputes related to her activities as an investor. Among other things, she got a golden nose through a stake in the Alibaba Pictures Group. The film company is owned by Alibaba Group Jack Ma.

She disappeared from the public eye for three months last year after criticizing China’s bureaucracy.

Why attack celebrities?

The CCP’s attack on prominent actors was not accidental. Fan culture seems to be a thorn in the side of those in power (at least if it’s not like that Winnie Handlett Xi Jinping).

In the foreground is a popular TV show, in the background is a painting of China's ruler, Xi Jinping.

In the foreground is a popular TV show, in the background is a painting of China’s ruler, Xi Jinping.

Photo: cornerstone

China’s largest internet regulator said last Friday that it would crack down on fan groups. The reason: they “provoke outrage”, there were “excesses and exaggerations” and even “chaos” in the groups. In addition, it is “harmful information”.

The supervisory authority has now announced that it wants to take action against this fan culture and has taken action.

  • Platforms are no longer allowed to publish popular celebrity ratings, and fan groups will be organized in the future.
  • Local celebrities are targeted because of controversy and scandals.
  • State media is pushing for changes in Chinese entertainment culture.

This is justified by the fact that “tasteless, vulgar, scandalous” celebrities have a bad influence on China Youth Will be.

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