December 2, 2023

China has not reported any new domestic cases of Govt-19 for the first time since July as the delta outbreak continues.

China has not reported any new domestic cases of Govt-19 for the first time since July as the delta outbreak continues.

China has been spreading the highly contagious Delta variant since July 20, when cuvette-19 infections were discovered in airport cleaners in the eastern city of Nanjing.

Since then, this has been the worst outbreak in China since 2020, spreading to more than half of the country’s 31 provinces and affecting more than 1,200 people. The growing number of cases from Delta is seen as the biggest challenge to China’s strict zero-tolerance policy on the virus.

Local authorities responded by placing tens of thousands of people under tight restrictions, imposing extensive controls and campaigns, and restricting domestic travel.

On Monday, the country recorded 21 imported cases and no symptoms of infection – the first time since July 16 that no local cases have been reported. The commission said that he also recorded 16 asymptomatic cases, all of them imported. China has a separate number of asymptomatic and asymptomatic cases and does not include asymptomatic virus carriers in the official number of confirmed cases.

If this trend continues, China will be the first country in the world to control a major eruption in a delta.

Zero government verdoppelt

China, one of several countries including Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, has attempted to completely eradicate Kovit-19 within its borders.

The authorities have closed borders to almost all foreigners, imposed strict isolation on visitors, and imposed targeted bans and extensive search and prosecution policies to thwart any situations arising from the security situation. And for more than a year, these measures have been very successful in keeping cases close to zero.

But new explosions driven by the diversity of the delta provoke some countries Reconsider their position.
Several major cities in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and the capital Canberra, have been closed for weeks, but cases continue to increase. And the country recorded, on Saturday, the highest amount of gas in one day since the outbreak of the disease, while thousands of people were walked the streets Permanent lock resistance.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a commentary published by Australian media on Sunday He suggested that zero-entry government restrictions end in the countryWhile the locks say “unfortunately necessary at the moment” and “doesn’t take much time”. He said the Australian government wants to shift its focus from reducing the number of cases to studying how many seriously ill people with Kovit-19 are hospitalized.
Singapore also stopped road map To switch to the “new normal” of life with Govt-19.
Meanwhile, China appears to be sticking with the zero-sum government approach with state broadcaster CCTV. Warning The epidemic did not end on Monday, and people should not be complacent in epidemic prevention.
The country continues to ramp up vaccination efforts. By Sunday, it had shipped more than 1.94 billion homemade Govt-19 vaccines, according to the NHC. as 135 doses administered per 100 people, which is a higher rate than the UK and US.