June 20, 2024

Chelsea: Suddenly good news for Thomas Tuchel FC - Football

Chelsea: Suddenly good news for Thomas Tuchel FC – Football

At least breathe a little sigh of relief at Chelsea and coach Thomas Tuchel (48)!

As reported by Agence France-Presse, the British government wants to ease sanctions on the club. Accordingly, Chelsea could sell tickets again.

BUT: This regulation should only apply to the Champions League and FA Cup and therefore does not apply to the Premier League. Only season ticket holders are allowed to watch the matches there.

Chelsea will meet Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals on April 6. On April 16, Chelsea will face Crystal Palace in the FA Cup semi-finals.

Chelsea were banned from selling tickets after owner Roman Abramovich was sanctioned last month over his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the wake of the Ukraine invasion.

The sanctions are aimed at preventing Russians from making money in the UK. The government has given Chelsea a special license that allows them to play games and pay employees. However, Chelsea are not allowed to offer new contracts to players or staff nor are they allowed to make transfer deals.

As a result, US sporting goods giant Nike has been considering an exit from its $1 billion deal with Chelsea. According to the Daily Mail, if Nike withdraws, Chelsea will lose 640 million euros because the deal has been negotiated for 15 years.

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However, Chelsea is not allowed to make any money from new ticket sales. Under the new government license, the club must pass the proceeds from ticket sales “to an authorized third party”. Accordingly, the proceeds will go to UEFA and the FA.

After all: some improvements and more fan support on the horizon for Tuchel Club!