June 20, 2024


Cheese and whey powder: EU exports boom

Exports of dairy products from the EU27 to third countries developed inconsistently in the first three quarters. This is evidenced by data from the European Union Commission, which is still published without the exchange of goods with the United Kingdom.

Cheese order

In the case of cheese, the most important export product among dairy products by volume, about 7 percent more were exported in the first nine months of 2021 compared to last year. The United States in particular, as the largest importer of goods from the European Union, has increasingly covered its cheese needs from the European Union. Whey powder was also sold to third countries at 7 percent. Increased demand from China in particular has provided additional impetus here.

Whole milk powder loses

However, for powdered milk exports, data from the European Union Commission show a downward trend. Skimmed milk powder missed the previous year’s level by 2 percent. Here, too, China ordered more goods than a year ago. However, the decline of other importers such as Algeria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia has prevailed. In the case of whole milk powder, the decrease was most pronounced at 10 percent. Oman, as the largest buyer of goods from the European Union by volume, has requested smaller quantities of whole milk powder, as have Algeria and Kuwait. On the other hand, China and Nigeria imported more EU goods. But here, too, the retreat cannot be compensated for. Butter/butter oil exports statistics show an additional marked decrease of 17 percent. Less goods flowed from the European Union to Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Singapore. Exports of condensed milk and casein/caseins were higher than the level of the corresponding period of the previous year. AMI

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