Charles III receives special coins for his coronation

To celebrate this special occasion, the Royal Mint, the official mint of the United Kingdom, has launched a range of commemorative coins. Including a 5 pound coin and a 50 pence coin.

Commemorative coins featuring King Charles III. with a crown. The painting was designed by artist and sculptor Martin Jennings (65). It is the first crowned image of Charles to appear on a coin.

The crown is a Tudor crown which was personally chosen by Charles. The crown itself no longer exists, having been destroyed in the 1640s.

“After working on His Majesty’s uncrowned design, I am delighted to have the opportunity to work on a crowned version of the Coronation series. Every detail of the crown had to be very precise and it took a lot to do,” Jennings was quoted as saying in the Royal Mint’s press release. work to correct it.

“I am proud to have had the opportunity to create a design that does justice to this historic occasion while also celebrating it in a dignified way.” The reverse of the £5 coin also features the composition of Timothy Noad. Next to the crown are the symbolic objects used in the coronation ceremony.

The reverse of the 50p coin was designed by Royal Mint designer Natasha Jenkins. It features the famous Westminster Abbey and Charles Crown. “Since Westminster Abbey plays such an iconic role in coronations, I decided to make a stylized line drawing of Westminster Abbey, which is immediately associated with Britain.”

The range also includes a number of other coins. It will be available in different versions and sizes. On the obverse is a crowned statue of King Charles. The back will feature a John Bergdahl design.

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All coins are scheduled to go on sale on Monday, April 24, 2023.

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