Charles’ Coronation: “God Save the King” divides Liverpool

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Insults to Charles? “God Save the King” divides Liverpool

Coronation of King Charles III. It opens a new page in the British monarchy. Celebrations are everywhere – including in football stadiums. But Liverpool fans are skeptical.


Saturday King Charles III. and King Camilla was crowned in Westminster Abbey.

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  • On May 6th, King Charles III. (74) and his wife, King Consort Camilla (74), are crowned in Westminster Abbey.

  • Premier League matches will continue as normal.

  • But the league requires clubs to play “God Save the King”.

On Saturday, the world is looking forward to the British capitalWhen King Charles III. Coronation (74) and King Camilla’s wife (75) (live broadcast for 20 minutes). The ceremony will take place in Westminster Abbey. The King reportedly compiled his guest list “on merit rather than in an aristocratic manner”— Accordingly, the guests were more on their merits as defined by their lineage.

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While thousands of people watch the spectacle live on site or on TV, the Premier League continues as normal. So the matches this weekend will be played normally, on coronation day there are five matches – including Liverpool v Brentford, Man City v Leeds and Tottenham v Crystal Palace. When Queen Elizabeth died in the fall, there was a cancellation of Match Day.

The English Premier League issues a recommendation

Of course, coronations are still celebrated at football stadiums. Also on the advice of the Premier League, last week the league sent out a letter described as “important”. He went to all clubs that have home rights for the weekend. The League leaders “strongly” recommend that the anthem of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland be played before kick-off: “God Save the King”.

The clubs quickly agreed – with one exception: Liverpool FC. On Wednesday, fans sang insulting songs about the coronation in a 1-0 win over Fulham F.C. Liverpool’s rejection of the crown is well known. In the final of the 2019 Community Shield against Manchester City (4: 5 on penalties), there were loud boos, whistles and insults against Charles’s son, Prince William.

Liverpool does not like the crown

The causes of anger are complex. It is said that Liverpool residents consider themselves “pants” and only second to being British. Likewise, the majority of the population is descended from Irish Catholic poverty-stricken immigrants. For centuries, Ireland has been oppressed by Great Britain and by extension the British Crown. And so the question arose, will Jürgen Klopp’s club eventually follow the league’s recommendations? On Friday, the answer was: Yes.

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In the end, the officials decided to join other Premier League clubs – despite vocal opposition from the fans. However, according to an official statement, the club would have preferred the Premier League to make the playing of the anthem compulsory. Then the decision was taken out of Liverpool’s hands.

However, the club notes: “It is of course a personal decision how those at Anfield on Saturday celebrate the occasion and we know some fans have strong opinions about that.” The booing, whistling and swearing can certainly happen again.

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