Chancellor’s Question in Germany – CSU Söder President Abandons Chancellor’s Candidacy – News

  • CSU President Marcus Söder withdraws his application for the Federation’s candidate for the position of Chancellor.
  • “The president of the CDU, Armin Laschet, is the union’s candidate for the position of chancellor,” Marcus Söder told the media.

Söder approved the CDU’s clear board vote for their party leader Armin Laschet as the union’s candidate for chancellor in the fall federal elections. The Bavarian Prime Minister said: “My statement was correct.” He added, “Die cast. Armin Laschet, the union’s candidate for the position of chancellor.”

Soder congratulates Lashet

Soder offers his support for Cachette in the upcoming election campaign. Soder said he called and congratulated Chet. “We will support him with all our strength without resentment.”

In a democracy, it is important that the parties finally come together. “We don’t want partition, we want a closed society.” Certainly there will still be discussions. “But we will make our contribution to the mutual success in Bavaria.”

The struggle for power in the Union ended

At a special digital meeting of the CDU on Tuesday night, 31 of the 46 voting board members appealed to vote for their party leader Lachette as a candidate for chancellor. 9 voted in favor of Soder, and 6 abstained.

Söder had decided to run for chancellor after a week-long power struggle on Monday between the CDU. He said that the Christian Democratic Union is now determining this “sovereignty.” “We as the CSU and I also respect every decision.”

CSU is the sister party of the CDU in Bavaria. It only competes in Bavaria, while the CDU competes only in 15 other German states. In the Bundestag, they both form a joint parliamentary group, and in the Bundestag elections they nominate a joint candidate for the position of chancellor. So far, this has usually been determined unanimously.

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