November 28, 2023

CD Projekt buys independent studios to develop a game based on one of its properties

CD Projekt buys independent studios to develop a game based on one of its properties

Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher inventor CD Projekt have acquired independent studio The Molasses Flood, which is now working on a new game based on one of CD Projekt’s IPs.

CD Projekt today announced to investors that it has initially acquired 60% of Boston studio and is arranging transactions to acquire the remaining 40% over time. Deluge of Molasse will collaborate with CD Projekt’s development department, CD Projekt Red, but will retain “full autonomy”.

The new molasses logo is a flood. (Source: CD Project)

The announcement stated that Molasses Flood would “work on its own project based on one of CD Projekt’s IP addresses”. This could be a game set in the worlds of The Witcher or Cyberpunk.

CD Projekt previously announced that it will develop AAA The Witcher and Cyberpunk at the same time starting in 2022 and will announce more in the future.

The molasses flood confirmed the news later Twitter“We have to create a completely new game in the existing CD Projekt IP world, we have to hire more people and keep making games based on the same principles that have always guided us: playing with the heart” on rich gameplay systems, he said. “

The studio’s announcement also confirmed that it would keep its name while adding “CD Projekt Studio” to most communications.

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In a separate press release, Adam Kisinski, CEO of CD Projekt, said: “We are always looking for teams that play games with their hearts out. We share our passion for Molasses Flood for video game development, they are experienced and high quality.” Orientated and have a great technological vision. I am convinced that they will bring a lot of talent and determination to the group.”

Previously created Molasses Flood, The Flame in the Flood and Drake’s Hollow, both focused on the elements of survival, albeit using very different approaches. Molasses Flood team members developed BioShock, Halo 2, and Rock Band before starting an indie developer.

Before we get into any new games, CD Projekt is still working on next-generation upgrades for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — both of which were recently postponed to 2022. Significant expansions in Cyberpunk will follow at a later date.

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